Wish to organize a conference or a workshop? We are here to help.

How can we help?

Young Leaders International helps you organize a lot of things. Wish to organize a YLIMUN chapter, a workshop, or need help for your own MUN, we will be glad to assist you.

Need help for your MUN?

Young Leaders International can offer help in various fields and help make your conference successful.

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Wish to organize a workshop?

Want a good workshop in your school and want to prove your leadership skills but not sure of how?

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Want to host an MUN?

We've got your back again. Get a chance to host your very own chapter of YLIMUN and prove yourself.

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Wish to join our family and organize with us?

Ah! We've got you covered again. A short application procedure will get you moving.

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Young Leaders International is not just an MUN organizing body, it is more of a family. We work together to help both sides of the conference. Organizing a conference, holding workshops, or participating in an MUN, we wish to make all of it an experience of a lifetime for you. With years of experience, we would like to share with you our story and help you develop while spreading the YLI culture. Let's join hands and work towards making a better future since we are the leaders of tomorrow.

Resolution today, revolution tomorrow.

Who are we?

Young Leaders International is a body governed by the society, The Young Leaders Advancement Association. We aim to educate students regarding current affairs, build awareness regarding disputes of international importance, and help students develop leadership and diplomatic skills. We achieve most of it by organizing Model UN conferences and helping others organize their own conference.


This is the most common question an MUNNer is asked. If your resolutions will not be taken upon by the UN, what difference does it make? An MUN doesn't try to change the world, it makes you change yourself. Have you stammered while talking to a crowd? Have you realized you can't negotiate well? Or do you have immense political knowledge that you show off? An MUN helps you with all of the above, and also helps you socialize (after all we are all social animals right). Be it reporting, photography, negotiating, liasioning, moderating, an MUN helps you hone all of it. Remember, change begins from within. Learn what's going on, and make the change when you are a leader tomorrow. 

WHere are we located?

YLI has started off the city of Visakhapatnam, India, but has now spread all around the country with a growing network and community. We aren't limited to one area, city, or state, and wish to bring about a global change. You can reach out to us at info@ylimun.com but unfortunately YLI does not have an office.